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Why adulterated milk is dangerous?

Do you need to think again before drinking a glass of milk? Is milk safe for growing children? You have heard that milk is a super food. You may also know milk is a complete food. Are you sure about it?

Milk is generally considered as a superfood due to its health benefits. It is also labeled as a complete food because it contains almost all nutrients except Vitamin D. What does mean of superfood and complete food? The superfood relates to food, which provides maximum health benefits. It is not true with milk contaminated with poisonous substances. Your milkman may contaminate the milk with certain chemicals to increase its shelf life, which are more dangerous than its health benefits.

Although, you may have heard that milk contains almost all nutrients, but it is not true with adulterated milk. It is not a complete food because it also lacks many nutrients. Some of them also eliminate from the milk during cream extraction and processing methods in the milk dairies. Let us discuss all things in detail.

How milk turns into poison

Ancient India recommends including milk in your daily diet because during that time there were no certain chemicals in the nature, which contaminate the milk. Everyone drinks the purest milk and get healthy nutrients.

Nowadays, milk has changed. It is not the same milk as our ancestors drink. The changes are due to chemicals and steroids used in the milk industries. Let us discuss these chemicals one by one.


The injections used to produce milk in cows and buffalos contain oxytocin. It is a hormone, which influence milk production and extraction.

However, Indian government has banned the use of oxytocin injections on cattle under section 12 of Food and Drug Adulteration Prevention Act, 1960 and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Indiscriminate usage of oxytocin is still rampant throughout the Indian villages and dairy farms. Farmers have easy access to the oxytocin injections from chemist shops without directions from the veterinarians. It is miserable situation in India. Laws and rules seem to be only a paper work and chemists and dairy workers do not follow the rules. Indian government is unable to stop the sale of these injections till date.

Side effects for human

When oxytocin is injected in cows or buffalos, a small amount of this hormone release into the milk. The common cause of hormone imbalance in women and men is milk contaminated with oxytocin. This hormone can have following side effect in men, women and growing children.

  1. Early breast development in girls
  2. Male breast (gynecomastia)
  3. Hormonal imbalance in children
  4. Heart diseases including cardiac arrhythmia, increased or decreased blood pressure, premature ventricular contraction etc.
  5. Impaired menstrual flow in girls and women
  6. Eye loss
  7. Kidney diseases
  8. Memory loss

Side effects for animals

Oxytocin reduces life expectancy of cattle and influences the reproductive system of cows and buffalos. This type of practice in dairy business indicates human insensitivity and cruelty to animals.

Formalin (Formaldehyde)

Formalin is disinfectant and preservative used for persevering dead bodies and biological specimens.

To increase shelf life of milk, your milkman or dairy farmer may add a few drops of this chemical. The use of this chemical may reduces the expenses of refrigeration and electricity.

What are effects of adulterated milk with formalin on your health?

Formalin can increase the chances of cancer. Skin diseases and eye disease may occur due to formalin. It can also cause corrosion of intestines and may result in ulcers and inflammatory diseases of gastrointestinal tract. The continuous ingestion may result in kidney failure.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has similar use as formalin. It also increases shelf life of milk and prevents bacterial growth in the milk.

Side Effects of hydrogen peroxide contaminated milk

The milk adulterated with hydrogen peroxide may increase heart beat and cause cardiac arrhythmia. It also irritates mucosa of gastrointestinal tract, which may result in stomach and intestinal diseases.

Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide is highly oxidant, which may reduce your life expectancy. It can also cause early aging.

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