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Why are we so unhealthy?

With the advancement of modern medicine, we are still becoming sicker and unhealthier. Why does this happen? The scenario should be different and we must be healthier than before. But this is not the case. Why? I hope this article will answer this question and help you to restore your health back to normal.

We are not like before. Our dietary habits have been hugely changed and we are becoming lazier than before. These two things play the most important role in making us sick.

We are eating modified foods, processed foods, overcooked foods and foods in their unnatural form, which we should not eat.

Our current diet generally increases Kapha Dosha and Ama Dosha in our body, according to ayurveda. It causes lifestyle disorders including diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

In fact, Kapha Dosha is aggravated in association with Ama Dosha. This condition is worse than alone Kapha Dosha’s aggravation.

Ama dosha means disease-causing factors that develop from undigested food particles in the body. It has two stages of development:

  1. In the first stage, it develops in the gut. Generally, it causes abdominal diseases.
  2. In the second stage, it also develops in the cells and tissues due to the weakness of metabolic power in every cell and tissue, which is called Dhatu Agni in ayurveda.

The further metabolism of Ama Dosha results in the development of Ama Visha, which is more dangerous than Ama Dosha alone. It circulates throughout the body through various means including blood and lymph.

It causes multiple cellular resistance to various important biochemicals. These biochemicals range from nutrients, hormones including insulin and other biochemicals essential for healthier cellular functions.

All this happens because of our current diet and lack of exercise or physical activities. Exercise is also important but the most important thing is our diet. We need to change our diet to live healthier.

All foods originated from animal sources are generally a major cause of the development of Ama dosha and Ama Visha in our body. These foods also cause blockage in microchannels and result in various lifestyle diseases.

If you want to live a healthier life, you need to work on your diet. You need to include maximum food items from plant-based sources, especially in their natural form (fresh and uncooked), which you can eat after washing without cooking them.

Healthy Diet

In primitive time, the human was not used to consume an unnatural form of foods that we currently consume. People were generally relying on foods that were naturally present in nature in the form of fruits, leaves and vegetables. They were consuming these foods in uncooked natural form, which was the healthiest form of the food. There were no lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure during that time. All people were vegan and eating plant-based foods. They were mostly healthy and had stronger immunity against diseases and infections.

We need to adopt the same diet as it was in primitive times to live healthier. I have provided links to the ayurvedic diet plan and basic principles of the ayurvedic diet below that you should read and follow.

  1. Basic Principles of Ayurvedic Diet.
  2. Ayurvedic Diet Plan.
  3. 7 Days Sample Ayurvedic Meal Plan

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