Yam beans or Jicama – Health Benefits, facts, Side Effects & Contraindications

Yam Beans also called as Jicama is a large and balloon shaped root vegetable. It is brown in color with crunchy flesh, which resembles raw potato. Yam beans are rich with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B and K and its flavor is sweet and starchy. Yam beans are eaten mostly in salads and have to be peeled off before consuming. Yam beans can be consumed ways – either raw form or cooked form.

Yam beans are loaded with vitamins and minerals, have high nutritional value, and offer many health benefits. Yams bean taste closer to an apple and are a best source of Vitamin C. Yam beans are low in calories but very high in essential nutrients. Yam beans are recognized by various titles such as Jicama, Mexican Potato, Yacon, Sengkwang and many more. There is a very good amount of sodium and potassium present in yam beans making it a complete and healthy food.

Health Benefits of Yam Beans or Jicama

Good for Our Immune System

We all know strong immune system fight and prevent against many health problems. Yam beans are rich in Vitamin C, which helps in increasing immunity. Yam beans help mineral absorption in the body resulting in promoting metabolism.

Controls & Lowers Blood Cholesterol level

Yam beans have fiber, Vitamin C and high water content that work as anti-oxidants and helps in lowering cholesterol level in blood.

Good for Skin & Beauty

Yam beans acts as a good moisturizer for skin, Main content Vitamin C present in yam beans acts as a powerful antioxidant and prevents skin infections. Researchers have proven that it has ingredient – Isoflavones that reduce aging of skin. It is used in various cosmetics, which are used for treating skin diseases and disorders. Continuous use of yam beans will also help you to improve your complexion and improves skin tone.

Keeps Heart Healthy

Yam beans have high fiber content, which helps in blocking of cholesterol in intestine, which reduces problems of heart disorders. Mineral content in yam beans (Copper & Iron) plays a very important role in proper functioning of cardio vascular system.

Helps Weight Loss

Since yam beans are low calorie food, consumption of this will make you feel full and at the same time, there will be very less intake of calories in the body. It is beneficial for those who are trying to maintain healthy weight. It is a weight reduction snack and helps in weight management.

Good for Diabetic Patients

Yam beams are perfect for people suffering from diabetes, yam beans being sweet have no calories and it has indigestible fiber – Oligofructose Inulin that does not affect blood sugar. Diabetic patient can consume yam beans without worrying about its impact on blood sugar level.

Good for Asthma Patients

Yam beans have many high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which are very useful for people suffering from breathlessness and asthma. Proper intake of yam beans can certainly cure these harmful health disorders.

Good for Stomach

Ingredients present in yam beans are essential and helpful for soaking the acid produced in the stomach, which prevents stomach problems and disease.

Avoids Nose Bleeding & Related problems

Nose bleeding is caused mainly by weak capillaries (tiny blood vessels connecting arteries to veins), with presence of high Vitamin C in yam beans this problem can be prevented. Consumption of yam beans strengthens capillaries and avoids the damages.

Full of Essential Minerals

It has bulk amount of minerals like Magnesium, Copper, Iron and Manganese along with essential vitamins that not only keeps our body healthy, but also make us capable of fighting against infections and diseases. Risk of having many severe health issues can be minimized by taking proper intake of yam beans.

Side Effects & Contraindications of Yam Beans

Yam beans are no doubt very healthy for an individual’s health; however not anything that shines is always gold. With all the wonderful assets yam bean has, a darker side exists. The unadvised consumption is prohibited.

  • You may need to distinguish which part to eat and which part you should not. There exists Rotenone a chemical that is used in insecticides. Some part of yam bean plant is poisonous and one must avoid leaves or seeds of yam bean plant.
  • The root of the plant is edible and the remainder part contains toxics and is poisonous. According to the research done in Thailand a man consumed seeds of Jicama plant and suffered respiratory failure and death within 2 hours.
  • Improper consumption of yam beans may lead to malfunctioning of vital nerve cells. One must consult with doctor or physician before including yam beans in their meal as it may have adverse effect on your body.

Some facts or points one must know about Yam Beans

  1. Yam beans are mostly grown in Latin & Central America.
  2. When choosing yam bean in store you must look for medium sized and firm tubers with dry roots. Yam beans that have wet or soft spots may be rot in majority of cases.
  3. It is cultivated usually in warm climate.
  4. Yam Beans are high in Carbohydrates and are composed of more than 85% water.
  5. The only part of the Jicama plant we consume is the root.
  6. Inulin present in yam beans can protect against osteoarthritis (Joint disease which causes physical disability)
  7. Yam beans are accessible 365 days a year and can be stored within a cool and dry place.
  8. Highest vitamin contained in yam beans is Vitamin C.
  9. It plays a very important role in production of hemoglobin, as it is rich in Iron.
  10. Yam beans can be consumed to reduce fever.

Yam beans are a member of potato family and are rich in essential nutrients there are many ways to consume yam beans best is to have them in salads or prepare a juice. We must include this valuable food in our diet it will not only keep us healthy but will ensure that we have strong immune system, which can ultimately help us to fight against many health disorders.

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