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Achara Rasayana

Achara Rasayana

Ayurveda has contributed a great concept of Achara Rasayana. It is about the codes of conduct how person should live and what he should do or should not. In ayurveda, it is an integral part of preventive medicine (SWASTHAVRITTA). The origin of this concept is having a healthy mind on which you have a good control.

You know every person suffers with stress and the main cause of stress may be your behavior towards people or things.

Ayurveda equally considers all aspects of life for the optimum health. These include consideration of physiological, psychological, social, behavior, food & diet and spiritual aspects of the life.

Achara Rasayana helps to have a good control on mind. The mind is about a cause of approximate 90% psychosomatic diseases that occur in the life. For example, sometimes, you know well that this food is not good for you, but you still eat it because of its taste that pleased you. Later, you feel you did wrong and suffer due to it.

Aim of Achara Rasayana

The main aim of Achara Rasayana is mental satisfaction and worry free living. It is only possible if you are very honest and you did nothing wrong. It is a code of conduct aimed to provide a good mental, physical, social and spiritual health and general well-being.

Definition of Achara Rasayana

Achara Rasayana is a code of conduct, which includes the maintaining living standard based on honesty, trust, faith, love and truth.

Factors responsible for psychosomatic and lifestyle disorders

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Uncontrolled mind
  • Bad habits
  • Lack of wisdom of good and bad (In fact, Ignorance of good and bad)

In fact, we all have a good wisdom, but we become ignorant in most of cases.

Psychological Aspects

Honesty, truth and peace are three pillars of Psychological Aspects of Achara Rasayana. These include following characters.

  1. Be truthful (SATYAVADI)
  2. Be calm (AKRODHI)
  3. Avoid violence and prefer peace (AHIMSAKA)
  4. Be cheerful and happy (ANAYASA)
  5. Stay calm, cool and quiet (PRASHANTA)
  6. Speak good and pleasant, which will not hurt others (PRIYAVADI)
  7. Do meditation regularly or recite the name of god or holy hymns (JAPA PARA)

Social and Behavioral Aspects

Trustworthiness, honesty and love are three pillars of social and behavioral aspects of Achara Rasayana.

  1. Be trustworthy (SATYAVADI)
  2. Be honest to social and family relations (SATYAVADI)
  3. Avoid alcohol and observe abstinence (NIVRUTTAM MADHYA MAITHUNATH) – Observe abstinence.
  4. Respect old people, elders and teachers (DEVA-GAU-BRAHMANA ACHARYA GURU VRUDDHA ARCHANARATAM)
  5. Be devoted to love and avoid violence (ANRUSHAMSAM)
  6. Be merciful and compassionate (NITYA KARUNAVEDI)
  7. Do not have ego and live a life ego free (ANAHANKRUTAM)
  8. Serve old people, parents and wise people (UPASITARAM VRUDDHANAM)
  9. Have faith in almighty or ultimate nature (ASTIKAANAM)
  10. Have a control over mind and avoid unnecessary sensory pleasures (JITAATMANAAM).

Spiritual Aspects

Meditation, helping needful people, and reading good texts are three pillars of spiritual aspects of Achara Rasayana.

  1. Be duty bound and follow ethical principles related to your jobs (DHARMASHASTRAPARAM).
  2. Read good texts or books, which provide peace to mind (ADHYATMA PRAVANENDRIYAM)
  3. Practice meditation regularly (TAPASWINAM)
  4. Help needful people and do charity where needed (DAANA NITYAM)

Personal Aspects

Hygiene and following diet and lifestyle according to body type and season are main parts of Personal Aspects of Achara Rasayana.

  1. Maintain a proper Hygiene (SHOUCHAPARAM)
  2. Take a balanced sleep and avoid excessive laziness and sleepiness. Awake in early morning and sleep early at night (AMAJAGARANA SWAPNA).
  3. Take care of season and livable places to maintain your health. Do some needful changes if required according to season and place (DESHA KALA PRAMANAJNAM).
  4. Be skillful and wise, so other people cannot deceive you easily (YUKTIJNAM).
  5. Have a good self control (JITATMANAM)

Food and Nutritional Aspects

  1. Take an appropriate amount of milk and ghee (clarified butter) according to your digestion capacity (NITYAM KSHEERA GRITHASHINAM).
  2. Take a balanced diet and make a good plan for eating habits (ASANKEERNAM).

Achara Rasayana is also a type of ayurvedic therapeutics. It helps reducing psychosomatic disorders and strengthens the mind.

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