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Lavana Thailam

Lavana thailam is a controversial remedy marketed by some companies for its doubtable effects on weight loss. According to our personal experience, we did not find lavana oil effective for losing weight.

Lavana Thailam in weight loss

According to our genuine review and analysis, massage with oil can enhance circulation in the body, especially in the skin and underlying tissues. It can also provide other benefits, which include increasing mental alertness, combating depression and might affect immune functions. (1)

The general abdominal massage can also help reducing accumulated fat around the abdomen. The study has evaluated the effects of aroma massage therapy on central or abdominal obesity, which suggests its significant role reduction of abdominal fat. (2, 3)

Udvartana, deep friction massage and deep mechanical massage techniques are effective in aiding weight loss. The massage technique has more significant role in weight loss than any oil.

For your information, we are sharing ingredients and claimed benefits of lavana thailam in this article.

Lavana Thailam Ingredients

Lavana oil is prepared using following ingredients.

Rock salt10 grams
Acorus Calamus2 grams
Curcuma longa2 grams
Dolichos biflorus2 grams
Ficus microcarpa2 grams
Ficus racemosa2 grams
Ficus religiosa2 grams
Ficus bengalensis2 grams
Setaria italica2 grams
Trachyspermum roxburghianum2 grams
Zingiber officinale2 grams

Claimed benefits

The main benefits of lavana oil is in weight loss, as claimed and marketed by some companies. However, the use of oil might not have effect in fat reduction, but massage itself can help you losing weight.

How does massage help in weight loss?

The deep massage techniques are kind of passive exercises, so they improve blood circulation, lymph flow and might help breaking fat from cellulite tissue. This is a possible mechanism how massage help in losing weight. However, the effects of massage are not so significant when compared with rigorous exercises, a proper scheduled physical exercises, yoga and reduction in calories, but it can be good for people who want to enjoy the other beneficial effects of massage techniques such as reduction in stress and fatigue. (4)

Lavana Thailam Side Effects

Lavana Thailam is a controversial remedy marketed in name of Ayurveda, which might have no effect in losing weight.

The side effects of lavana oil can include:

  1. Allergic reaction with any of its ingredients
  2. Redness
  3. Skin irritation
  4. Itching

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

There is no scientific data available about the safety and efficacy of lavana thailam in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, stay on safer side and avoid lavana oil using during pregnancy and lactation.


Do not apply lavana thaila on open wounds, inflamed skin and on the skin affected due to other diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

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