Ayurvedic Supplements & Medicines for Bodybuilding, Muscle Strength & Stamina

In sports world, most of athletes and sportspeople use supplements for bodybuilding and increasing muscle strength, stamina and endurance. However, their supplements include protein powders, vitamin, minerals and others. Some people also use anabolic steroids, which are mostly unsafe and illegal to use.

Ayurvedic supplements are derived from the natural sources like food items, herbs and minerals. These ayurvedic medicines or supplements are not performance-enhancing drugs, which give immediate results. Ayurvedic supplements may act slowly, but naturally improve overall health and body strength.

Ayurveda provides considerably safe and legal options to increase body strength, build muscle mass, improve endurance, and increase physical stamina naturally. The benefits got through ayurvedic supplements are likely stable and not decreasing even after stopping them.

Ayurvedic Supplements

The following ayurvedic supplements are beneficial for building muscles, improving exercise capacity and improve endurance and performance.

Muscle Strength Powder

The following herbal combination is also very good for bodybuilding and increasing muscle strength:

Ashwagandha50 grams
Arjuna50 grams
Shatavari50 grams
Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza Glabra50 grams
Vidarikand50 grams
Talmakhana Seeds50 grams
Safed Musli50 grams
Black Musli50 grams
Gokshura50 grams
Bala50 grams
Nagbala50 grams
Salam Panja50 grams
Kaunch Seeds50 grams
Vanshlochan50 grams
Trikatu Churna30 grams
Shuddha Shilajit10 grams
Abhrak Bhasma 1000 Puti10 grams
Mukta Pishti10 grams
Praval Pishti10 grams
Jasad Bhasma10 grams

Mix all ingredients in the ratio given above. Take this mixture in a dosage of 1 tsp. twice daily with milk.

It is the best strengthening formula. Many sportspeople has improved their performance after using this formula. Trikatu herbs will also enhance its therapeutic value and improve the bioavailability of the other herbs and keep your appetite at an optimum level.

Ashwagandha Arjuna Ksheer

Ashwagandha Arjuna Ksheer is homemade remedy used for heart patients, but it is also beneficial for improving both aerobic and anaerobic exercise capacity. For athletes, it is highly beneficial.

  1. Ashwagandha increases Anaerobic Running Capacity. VO2 max significantly increases by regular intake of Ashwagandha.
  2. Terminalia Arjuna increases Aerobic Exercise Capacity. It improves left ventricle function. It also improves performance in high intensity cardio.

Ashwagandha Arjuna Ksheer contains three ingredients Ashwagandha, Arjuna and Cow’s Milk.

Read Here about How to Make Ashwagandha Arjuna Ksheer Pak

Ashwagandha Pak

Ashwagandha Pak is also very beneficial for increasing muscle mass, stamina, endurance and body strength. People doing anaerobic exercise for building muscles can get benefits from the Ashwagandha Pak. It is also beneficial for athletes, wrestlers, and sportspeople belong to any game. Ashwagandha Pak also speeds up recovery after physical endurance exercises.

Ashwagandha Avaleha

Ashwagandha Avaleha also gives similar benefits as Ashwagandha Pak provides.

Kameshwar Modak

Kameshwar Modak is used as aphrodisiac medicine in ayurveda. It also increases muscle strength. It contains herbs like Ashwagandha, Mulethi (Yashtimadhu), Shatavari, Vidarikand, Nagbala, Talamkhana etc. All these herbs provide strength to the muscles, increase stamina, and improve endurance and performance in the sports. People looking for ayurvedic medicine for building muscles, then it is also perfect choice for them. It provides all essential herbs required for bodybuilding.

Gokhru Pak

The main ingredient of Gokhru Pak is Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris), which is well known in sports world. Tribulus Terrestris is well known for reducing exercise related fatigue and increasing vigor. However, this formulation is mainly used for urinary and kidney disorders in ayurveda, but it also provides strength to the muscles and helps building muscle mass.

Chhuhara Pak

The main ingredient of Chhuhara Pak is Dates (KHAJUR). It is highly effective formulation in ayurveda used as aphrodisiac and sports supplement. Its effects appear within a month. It increases physical stamina and endurance capacity. It is highly beneficial for building muscle mass.

Madnanand Modak

Madnanand Modak is poly herbal formulation, which also contains minerals. In ayurveda, it is used as aphrodisiac and for increasing strength and stamina. It is also very potent ayurvedic supplement, which is beneficial for increasing physical endurance capacity, muscle strength and exercise capacity.

Musli Pak

The main ingredient of Musli Pak is Safed Musli. It is also helpful for increasing stamina, muscle strength and muscle mass.

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  1. sushil says

    Which one is better for muscle-gain Ashwagandha Lehyam or Ashwagandha capsules?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Ashwagandha Lehyam is better to gain muscle mass.

      1. Kapil yadav says

        Sir, can I take this combination and aswgandhadi lehyam both.
        Is it helpful for weight and mass gainer too? And tell me it can be taken before workout or after workout.

        1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says


  2. sushil says

    sir which brand should i prefer and what should i take along with it for better results

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      1. For ashwagandha lehyam, ARYA VAIDYA SALA KOTTAKKAL and AVP COIMBATORE brands are suggestible.

      2. Warm milk is good adjuvant for Ashwagandha Lehyam. Dosage depends on digestive capacity. Generally, 1 to 2 tsp. is sufficient dosage of Ashwagandha Lehyam.

  3. PANKAJ YADAV says

    Sir, the above combination of ashwagandha, safad and black musali, goksuru, vanslochan, abhrak bhasam, bala and naagbala, arjuna and vidarikhand. Does it have any side effect?
    For how much time can we continue these herbs for bodybuilding?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      All ingredients in this combination are likely safe. This combination should be continued for 3 to 6 months.

  4. Keshav says

    Can we take this combination throughout the life?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      However, this combination can be taken throughout the life, but without specific purpose, using any formulation or ayurvedic combination is not suggestible.

  5. Prashant GUnd says

    As per the details above, I prepared this combination, but whenever I mix this combination with water or milk, there becomes thick slurry, and I find difficult to digest it, which component makes it sticky slurry?
    Do I need to warm up or boil the powder in water or milk?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      There are many ingredients, which can make it sticky slurry.

      Generally, it can be taken without mixing it in water or milk, and drinking milk after that. But many people will face problem due to stickiness of this mixture even in the mouth, so the best method to take it is to boil it in water and milk.

      You can use this mixture by taking a half glass of water and a half glass of milk. Boil it and then simmer it until only a half glass remains. Then filter it and drink it adding desired amount of sugar.

  6. sameer says

    Does the above combination increase the body heat and cause pimples or not. During bodybuilding, I eat meat and chicken. Can I use this combination along with this and how to use?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      There is no such problem occur with this herbal mixture. One can take it in dosage of 1/2 to 1 teaspoon two times a day with milk.

  7. Vivek says

    Can I prefer this formula for stamina and endurance in gym? I want to know can this formula cause fat burn too.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      The formulation is useful for building stamina and increasing endurance in exercises and sports.
      It does not likely to burn the fat.

      1. Vivek says

        Ok thank you Sir,
        But I want know about fat burn mixer with this formula. Which herbs can I take additional to burn belly fat and increase muscle and stamina?

  8. nishant says

    From where can I get these ingredients? How can I prepare this ayurvedic supplement?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      All ingredients are available in any local herbal store. Just grind them and mix them in provided proportion.

  9. sandep says

    In above formula, all integrants are taking in raw type best or boil the milk and water.
    What is best multivitamin in ayurveda?
    I am weight lifter best food and supplement in ayurveda.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      The mixture becomes sticky when mixed in milk. Some people also feel its stickiness in the mouth. So, a lot of liquid should be taken with this powder. Secondly, the powder should be taken in small amount, then drink the milk or water, then again take it in small amounts until you get the full dosage. It can also be boiled in milk or water, filter and drink the liquid.
      It is good supplement for weight lifters and provides sufficient energy and nutritional benefits.

  10. sandip says

    Best multivitamin tablet in ayurveda and calcium sources

  11. Thakur K says

    Hi Can we add Haldi and ginger powder in it?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, these herbs can be added, but it would be better to take Haldi and Ginger powder mixture separately.

  12. hemant says

    Can I add Shilajit, Trikatu, Shatavari, Yashtimadhu, and Kesar to it?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, these can be added in quantity of 10 grams for Shilajit and 30 grams for Trikatu. Yashtimadhu should be added in quantity of 50 grams. Kesar can be added in quantity of 1 to 5 grams.

  13. Bipul says

    Sir, I wanna ayurvedic formula for gain fat, muscles, stamina, and power.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Ashwagandhadi Lehyam should be helpful in such case.

  14. ankit says

    I am runner I do 100,200,400m wt kind of Ayurveda. Herbs can I take for power, stamina, endurance, muscle strength, fast recovery

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Herbs explained in the article are also beneficial for you.

  15. karan choudhary says

    My name is karan. My game is badminton. I am work hard every day and I take whey protein, but I will choose ayurveda protein and supplement, so please recommend the protein and supplement.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      We do not suggest any protein supplements. You should get proteins from your natural diet. For further details, you should consult a dietitian. Ayurvedic supplements described in the article are good for people playing any game. These herbs and supplements are known for improving stamina, performance and endurance.

  16. pachu says

    When should it be taken before or after a workout? Can it be replaced for whey protein supplements?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      1. Ayurvedic Herbal Combination can be taken 2 hours before or 45 minutes after a workout.

      2. The mixture contains natural protein as present in different herbs, but protein content is in little amounts. So, it will not replace your protein requirement from other sources. We advise taking proteins from food sources instead any supplement. This combination can also be taken along with whey protein supplements.

  17. Jayant says

    Sir, can we take this mixture after 10 from workout or is it necessary to take after 45 minutes from workout?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Not necessary, you can also take as per your convenience.

  18. akash singh says

    Sir, Namaste, Will this mixture gain weight? I don’t want to gain.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, it can also increase weight in addition to improving strength and increasing muscle mass.


    I have high mental fatigue and weakness, frequent bouts of a headache due to this, memory loss and physical weakness, thinning of body parts, and poor quality of sleep.
    These symptoms last for 7 years or so. The thyroid is detected in 2013 and now under control, treatment under Dr. Supervision.
    All health parameters are normal. Hence Dr does not do anything with mental, physical weakness, lack of sleep. Many vitamins supplements were taken in these yrs. I have the Poor quality of life.
    I have ordered BRAHMI GHRITA, ASHWAGANDHA RISHTA, and KESARI KALP. Kindly advise on how much and when take these in a day. What other medicines you recommend. With your permission, I would like to first finish the above. You can also add others. I have taken Chyawanprash with hot milk for yrs now. In hot summer months, it increases body heat. Pl, advise on this too. Pl help. Thanks, regards. Pl do take into account hot summer climate of Delhi while recommending.

    1. A Glad says

      Even I was curious about the Pitta, Vata, Kapha effect of this mixture and Ashwagandhadhi Lehya?

      I ask because Ashwagandha at times was heating for me and caused red rashes. So, what’s the doshic effect of this mixture? Especially, if someone has a V, P or K that is out of balance and is having Ayurvedic medicine for it.


    I am eagerly waiting for answer to my query already listed from learned Dr .

  21. neeraj patel says

    from where kameshwar modak should be taken,and which brands will be good.

  22. Gaurav singh says

    Sir,Jo weight loss kr rha h wo use kr sakta hai ki nhi…plz reply

  23. Amardeep says

    Can I use aswgandha, gokshura and safed Musli tablets for body building

  24. Veeral says

    I could not find all the ingredients in the above-mentioned list, I could only find tablets of Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gokshura, and Arjuna.
    Do you recommend taking these pre or post workout? my main goal is to build muscle.
    Also, Can I consume Ashwagandhadi lehyam and Chywanprash together following with milk ?
    Thank You

  25. Rajendra pawar says

    Dr , i go to the gym daily , so can i continue the powder for lifetime . i want to avoid protien supplyments , so can consumption of this powder give me good muscular physic .

  26. CovindarassouCoumarane says

    Sir, where can I get these products? Can you please suggest the name and address of the store.

  27. Santosh says

    I am suffering from elbow muscle pain. Which is good for me?

    1. Ayur Times says

      Ayurvedic Herbal Combination will also help to reduce elbow muscle pain. In addition, Maha Yograj Guggulu may also required in severe case.

  28. Nitesh says

    I am a 200m sprinter can is use this formula to increse my strength and speed

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Sprinter can also use this formula.


    Sir vidaryadi lehyam is also equally good as ashvgandhadi lehyam..Plz write a post on vidaryadi kehyam

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Noted. We will publish article on it soon.

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