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Ayurvedic Supplements & Medicines for Bodybuilding, Muscle Strength & Stamina

In sports world, most of athletes and sportspeople use supplements for bodybuilding and increasing muscle strength, stamina and endurance. However, their supplements include protein powders, vitamin, minerals and others. Some people also use anabolic steroids, which are mostly unsafe and illegal to use.

Ayurvedic supplements are derived from the natural sources like food items, herbs and minerals. These ayurvedic medicines or supplements are not performance-enhancing drugs, which give immediate results. Ayurvedic supplements may act slowly, but naturally improve overall health and body strength.

Ayurveda provides considerably safe and legal options to increase body strength, build muscle mass, improve endurance, and increase physical stamina naturally. The benefits got through ayurvedic supplements are likely stable and not decreasing even after stopping them.

Ayurvedic Supplements

The following ayurvedic supplements are beneficial for building muscles, improving exercise capacity and improve endurance and performance.

Muscle Strength Powder

The following herbal combination is also very good for bodybuilding and increasing muscle strength:

Ashwagandha50 grams
Arjuna50 grams
Shatavari50 grams
Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza Glabra50 grams
Vidarikand50 grams
Talmakhana Seeds50 grams
Safed Musli50 grams
Black Musli50 grams
Gokshura50 grams
Bala50 grams
Nagbala50 grams
Salam Panja50 grams
Kaunch Seeds50 grams
Vanshlochan50 grams
Trikatu Churna30 grams
Shuddha Shilajit10 grams
Abhrak Bhasma 1000 Puti10 grams
Mukta Pishti10 grams
Praval Pishti10 grams
Jasad Bhasma10 grams

Mix all ingredients in the ratio given above. Take this mixture in a dosage of 1 tsp. twice daily with milk.

It is the best strengthening formula. Many sportspeople has improved their performance after using this formula. Trikatu herbs will also enhance its therapeutic value and improve the bioavailability of the other herbs and keep your appetite at an optimum level.

Ashwagandha Arjuna Ksheer

Ashwagandha Arjuna Ksheer is homemade remedy used for heart patients, but it is also beneficial for improving both aerobic and anaerobic exercise capacity. For athletes, it is highly beneficial.

  1. Ashwagandha increases Anaerobic Running Capacity. VO2 max significantly increases by regular intake of Ashwagandha.
  2. Terminalia Arjuna increases Aerobic Exercise Capacity. It improves left ventricle function. It also improves performance in high intensity cardio.

Ashwagandha Arjuna Ksheer contains three ingredients Ashwagandha, Arjuna and Cow’s Milk.

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Ashwagandha Pak

Ashwagandha Pak is also very beneficial for increasing muscle mass, stamina, endurance and body strength. People doing anaerobic exercise for building muscles can get benefits from the Ashwagandha Pak. It is also beneficial for athletes, wrestlers, and sportspeople belong to any game. Ashwagandha Pak also speeds up recovery after physical endurance exercises.

Ashwagandha Avaleha

Ashwagandha Avaleha also gives similar benefits as Ashwagandha Pak provides.

Kameshwar Modak

Kameshwar Modak is used as aphrodisiac medicine in ayurveda. It also increases muscle strength. It contains herbs like Ashwagandha, Mulethi (Yashtimadhu), Shatavari, Vidarikand, Nagbala, Talamkhana etc. All these herbs provide strength to the muscles, increase stamina, and improve endurance and performance in the sports. People looking for ayurvedic medicine for building muscles, then it is also perfect choice for them. It provides all essential herbs required for bodybuilding.

Gokhru Pak

The main ingredient of Gokhru Pak is Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris), which is well known in sports world. Tribulus Terrestris is well known for reducing exercise related fatigue and increasing vigor. However, this formulation is mainly used for urinary and kidney disorders in ayurveda, but it also provides strength to the muscles and helps building muscle mass.

Chhuhara Pak

The main ingredient of Chhuhara Pak is Dates (KHAJUR). It is highly effective formulation in ayurveda used as aphrodisiac and sports supplement. Its effects appear within a month. It increases physical stamina and endurance capacity. It is highly beneficial for building muscle mass.

Madnanand Modak

Madnanand Modak is poly herbal formulation, which also contains minerals. In ayurveda, it is used as aphrodisiac and for increasing strength and stamina. It is also very potent ayurvedic supplement, which is beneficial for increasing physical endurance capacity, muscle strength and exercise capacity.

Musli Pak

The main ingredient of Musli Pak is Safed Musli. It is also helpful for increasing stamina, muscle strength and muscle mass.

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