Unani Medicine List

The Unani System of Medicine originated in Unani in Greece. It is an alternative medicine that is based on the teachings of Hippocrates. Hippocrates formed the theoretical framework of Unani Medicine after he freed the concepts of health from the realms of magic and superstition and gave it the status of science.

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Category list of Unani Medicine

  1. Habb (Unani Pill)
  2. Itrifal
  3. Jawarish
  4. Khamira
  5. Kushta
  6. Laboob (Labub)
  7. Majun (Electuaries)
  8. Marham (Unani Ointment)
  9. Qurs
  10. Safoof
  11. Sharbat (Unani)
  12. Unani Arq (Distillate)
  13. Unani Proprietary Medicine


Here is Unani medicine index for the published articles on this website.

Habb (Unani Pill)

  1. Habb-E Suranjan


  1. Itrifal Ustukhuddus Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects


  1. What is Jawarish


  1. Khamira Gaozaban Sada
  2. Khamira Marwareed


    Laboob (Labub)

    1. Labub Kabir (Laboob Kabir)

    Majun (Electuaries)

    1. Anushdaru Lului
    2. Majun (Majoon) – Electuary
    3. Majun Arad Khurma
    4. Majun Azaraqi
    5. Majun Falasfa
    6. Majun Salab

    Marham (Unani Ointment)

    1. What is Marham?



      1. What is Safoof?

      Sharbat (Unani)

      1. Sharbat Bazoori

      Unani Arq (Distillate)

      1. Arq Badyan (Arq-e Badiyan)
      2. Arq Kasni (Chicory Distillate)
      3. Arq Makoh (Kakamachi Arq)

      Unani Proprietary Medicine

      1. Balooti Ingredients, Benefits, Uses, Dosage & Side Effects
      2. Hamdard Cinkara Syrup – Multivitamin Syrup and Tonic
      3. Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier