Isotine Eye Drop

Isotine eye drop is an ayurvedic medicine used for improving eyesight and treating eye diseases such as immature cataract, amblyopia, solar retinitis, glaucoma, and color blindness.


Isotine is recommended for following eye problems.

  1. Amblyopia (Visual impairment without any apparent organic causes)
  2. Immature Cataract (immature opacification of eye lens)
  3. Glaucoma (Optic nerve damage that leads to vision impairment and may progress to blindness)
  4. Macular Degeneration (The damage or degeneration of macula lutea cells characterized by blurred vision and in some cases, it may cause blindness)
  5. Retinitis Pigmentosa
  6. Solar Retinitis
  7. Myopia (faulty refractive ability of eyes that cause eyesight abnormality and lead to blurred vision for distant objects)
  8. Diabetic retinopathy
  9. Color blindness
  10. Side effects caused to eyes due to heavy doses of steroids and antibiotic use
  11. Vision impairment due to excessive computer use
  12. Weakness of eyesight due excessive viewing or watching Television
  13. Diminished vision after cataract operation
  14. For vision recovery after laser operation of eyes
  15. Solar eclipse exposure
  16. Electric or welding exposure
  17. Age related vision loss
  18. Sudden loss of vision due to trauma or after cataract operation, lasic laser operation, snake bite, retinal detachment operation

Isotine eye drop is also effective in cases of vision loss or impairment that may not be listed above. Consult your physician for more information.


Company have made claims about the efficacy and safety of the Isotine eye drops by reviewing many research results and practical use of the Isotine eye drops. Many doctors have also reviewed and left testimonials on Isotine leaflet about the results. Dr. Basu’s Isotine Eye Drop manufactured by Jagat Pharma makes the following claims.

  1. Spectacles may be removed in about 40 to 50% of cases using Isotine Eye drop.
  2. Diopter number may reduce from 1 to 15.
  3. Spectacle’s numbers (spherical or cylindrical) may be reduced significantly.
  4. Isotine Eye Drop is very effective in the diseases listed above in indication section.


Isotine has found effective in cataract. It helps in premature cataract and may reduce lens opacity. Many patients have reported us delaying cataract surgery and improvement in vision after using it on a regular basis.

Composition (Ingredients)

Scientific Name Common Name Qty. in %age
Butea Monosperma Palash 0.3%
Achyranthus aspera Apamarg 0.3%
Boerrhavia Diffusa Punarnava 0.3%
Zinc Oxide Yashad Bhasma 0.06%
Takana Bhasma 2.0%
Alum 0.4%
Tuth Bhasma 0.04%
Mentha Pipreta Satva Pudina 0.015%
Benzalkonium Chloride 0.01%
Aque Purified Water 10 ml

Directions for Use

Get your eyesight checked before using the Isotine Eye Drops to know the progress after using the Isotine.


Children under the age of 10 1 drop thrice daily
Children aged over 10 years 2 drops thrice daily
Adults 2 drops thrice daily

Wash your hands before instilling eye drops to prevent contamination of vial. Now put eye drops in the both eyes as recommended dosage above. Allow the eyes to close gently for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Blinking many times or squeezing your eyelids tightly may reduce the beneficial effect of eye drops.

Treatment Duration with Isotine

The recommended treatment duration with Isotine is at least 2 to 3 months or up to the consumption of 4 to 10 vials.

Note: One may need more duration to achieve desired results depending on the severity of vision loss or impairment. Some patients may require using it for at least six months or more.


According to our experience with Isotine, Isotine provides good results and helps in cataract treatment and improvement of vision.

It is checked on several thousands of patients for the vision improvement. The efficacy ranges from 40 to 90% improvement in vision, reduction of spectacle numbers and permanent removal of spectacle in some cases.

Disclaimer: The results can vary from person to person. Before start using it, you must have 5 to 10% vision.

Side Effects

No Side effect is reported with the use of Isotine eye drop. As per company description, it is completely safe.

Certification of Isotine

  3. GMP Certified
  5. ISO 9001 : 2008

Prof. Dr. M.S. BASU has formulated ISOTINE EYE DROP FORMULA.


Isotine Gold (Containing Isotine Plus Eye Drop and Isoneuron Capsule) is an advanced formula of Isotine eye drops, which can provide additional benefits.

Isotine Plus Eye drops formula has some slight variation in its composition.

FAQs About Isotine

How often should I use Isotine?

Answer: You should instill 2 drops of Isotine eye drops into both eyes three times a day for better results.

Can Isotine Remove Spectacle or Reduce Glasses Number?

Answer: The possibility in reduction in spectacle’s number and improvement of eyesight is increased with the use of Isotine, Isotine Plus and Isotine Gold. Isotine has reported effective and many patients have removed their spectacles using it.

However, everyone may not get same beneficial results. Some have reported reduction in glasses number only and a few have reported no benefits at all, but they felt improvement in vision and reduction in eye strain, headache, blurred vision and eye fatigue. According to results and feedback from the patients, Isotine is a worth try for everyone.

Can I use isotine Eye drops keeping my eyes healthy?

Answer: Yes, you can use isotine regularly for keeping eyes healthy and protecting vision loss due to pollution, excessive computer use or watching Television.

Can I use Isotine Eye Drops to improve my Vision?

Answer: Isotine contains some herbs and mineral compounds, which improves vision by reducing opacity, preserving functions of eye nerve and improving functions of natural lens. Yes, you can use Isotine Eye Drops for improving your vision.

Does it cause any side effect?

Answer: According to company’s description, it is completely safe, but if you are allergic patient, then you should aware of its ingredients to check any substance present in the formula to which you are allergic.

Patients instilling Isotine drops in their eyes have not reported any side effects until now to us.

Does it help in Myopia (Nearsightedness/ short-sightedness)?

Answer: In this case, you can see close objects clearly, but distant objects appear blurred. Isotine can improve your distant as well as near vision, but how does it work is not yet established scientifically. However, many patients reported improved distance vision.

Can I use it while wearing spectacle?

Answer: Yes, you can use Isotine Eye drops while wearing spectacles, but you should regularly check your eyesight. Isotine can improve your vision and sometimes you may feel some discomfort while wearing same number of spectacle, so you may require reducing your spectacle number.

What is the minimum age to use isotine eye drops?

Answer: The minimum age to use isotine is 5 years.

Will isotine eye drops help to avoid cataract surgery?

Answer: We are not sure about this if it can help you to avoid cataract operation. According to our experience, it can help with immature cataract. It can reduce opacity of lens in this case. Some patients may delay operation or they might not need operation after using it for 6 months.

Not every remedy has 100% good results to everyone, so we have also observed treatment failure with Isotine. They required cataract operation at some stages.

However, every patient has reported us improvement in his/her vision after using Isotine. Honestly, we do not recommend avoiding cataract operation if you have mature cataract. Mature cataract means the eye lens is totally opaque. In this case, Isotine might not work. You should have at least 10% vision to get benefits from Isotine.

Which foods can improve eyesight?

Answer: Here is a list for foods that can improve vision.

  1. Carrots
  2. Green leafy vegetables such as Kale, Spinach and collards, Broccoli
  3. Citrus fruits including oranges and lemon
  4. Avocados
  5. Black Currant
  6. Bilberry
  7. Grapefruits
  8. All types of berries, especially strawberries
  9. Nuts: Almonds, walnuts and Pistachios
  10. Tomatoes
  11. Pumpkin
  12. Bell peppers
  13. Corn
  14. Cantaloupe
  15. Seeds: Sunflower Seed, watermelon seeds

Recommended Readings
  1. surbi says

    My father is diagnosed with cataract (motia bindu) doctor has advised for eye operation. He does not want to go for operation. Can we use isotine drops for cataract. According to doctor, no medicine can affect to stop the progression and doctor advise operation within six months. Please guide us seriously.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, in immature cataract, isotine eye drops can help to stop the progress of the disease and it may also help to prevent eye operation if your father use isotine for at least six months regularly three times a day.

      1. Madhav says

        My eye vision is reduced and my vision is not properly corrected even with the use of spectacles. Lenses numbers are correct and doctor said I am suffering from aged related vision loss. Can isotine help in this case?

        1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

          Yes, Isotine can help in your case. You should instill 2 drops of isotine eye drops three times a day for at least six months for better results.

  2. Indeevar says

    Sir, I want to buy the eye drops in Bangalore. Where can i get it in Bangalore?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Isotine is not generally easily available in all ayurvedic stores, but you can try and visit some local ayurvedic stores. If you do not get this, then we can also help you by sending the original isotine eye drops by courier to your address.

  3. Harjeet Kaur says

    Dear Dr Jagdev. How do I purchase the eye drops from Malaysia. Thank you.

  4. kamal says

    Can we instill isotine eye drops while wearing contact lens?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Isotine eye drops should not be used while wearing contact lens. It is formulated in such a way to directly work on natural lens and reduce opacity of it.

      Secondly, safety using isotine while wearing contact lenses is also not well established scientifically, so stay on safer side not using it while wearing contact lens.

      1. Vinod says


        I want to give it a try. I am short sighted (close to -4) . Does this eye drop have any side effects???


        1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

          There are no known side effects with isotine eye drops. It is generally safe and well tolerable in all patients.

  5. princess says

    Where can I get it in NASHIK?

    How it comes to know it is original

    Can I make use for removing specs forever?

    Do you guarantee that it will not cause any other problem?

    My specs no is – 3.50 r/l

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      1. You can buy it online or ask local ayurvedic doctor or search local ayurvedic store.

      2. See the manufacturer’s name i.e. JAGAT PHARMA (DR. BASU) written on the packaging.

      3. We have experience that it can reduce specs number, but we rarely observed that it can alone remove specs forever. You also need eye exercises and internal ayurvedic remedy or might panchakarma therapy known as Aakshi tarpana.

      4. However, company leaflets and official brochure consider it very safe and free from side effects, but I cannot provide any guarantee. I am not manufacturer, please contact its manufacturer for guarantee.

      1. Monisha says

        Sir, I’d been using isotope for glaucoma which I got affected due acoustic neuroma surgery. I’m using Isotine for past 1 month and I see no remarkable change. Do I need to take it with any tablets? If so what can u recommend?

  6. Goel says

    Does Isotine really work in improving eyesight? I am software engineer, so I have to work on computer about 8 to 12 hours a day, is isotine is right for me?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, according to our experience, it improves eyesight. I suggest you using ISOTINE GOLD PACK for you. It also includes ISONEURON Capsules, which provides additional support to both eyes and mind.

  7. satendra chaudhary says

    My name is Satendra. I live in Moradabad. And I want to know from where I can buy the original Isotine eye drops. My spec no. is – 1.5

  8. Jignesh Patel says

    One year ago, I removed my eye no using Lasik, but after 6 months, I notice Floater in vision. Hence I checkup month ago and doctor said there is Posterior vitreous detachment hence floater is present.

    Can Isotine help me in this case?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      I don’t think that Isotine would work in this condition and we also have no experience using it in Posterior vitreous detachment.

  9. afzana says

    one and half year ago i got infection in my left eye due to the usage of contact lens…so that i got scar (small white round in middle of the eyes )in my left eye…so my vision is little blurred while viewing…can i use isotine eye drop now…? can i get cure and it will disappear…..?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine would help with this issue and improve your vision, but it might take more time than usual for dissolving scar.

  10. ujala says

    Can it be used in vision loss due to hereditary retinitis pigmentosa. Will there be any improvement in the vision?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine can prevent further vision loss by inhibiting or slowing down the degenerative process. It can also improve the vision.

  11. Vikrant Sharma says

    Dear sir

    My grandfather’s age is 92. He had a surgery of left eye 3-4 year back and due to some problem permanent loss of eyesight occur there. But now also in his right eye blurred vision is there. Will this isotine solution work in this case?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine would help in this case. It will reduce blurred vision and improves eyesight.

  12. vipin says

    im, 24 yr old and i suffering for night blindness for last 20 years does isotine is really work in my case

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine can help in night blindness.

  13. Madhur Sharma says

    MY mother, 76 years, has had Phaco stichless cataract and lens implant surgery in the left eye. She has some cataract in the right eye as well although not as bad. She also has some spots on her retina. Would these eye drops be of help to her. She is a voracious reader and feels very helpless at the fact that she cannot read easily anymore.
    Thanks for all your help.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine would help in this case.

  14. Khushi S says

    Hello Doctor,

    I wanted to ask about my eye problem. I have -6.5 power in eyes. I have noticed that my power keeps increasing. I am right now 27yrs old and I am a software engineer. I am not sure why it keeps increasing. Doctor told me that it may increase even more. Even after wearing specs after few months I start feeling that the power has increased. Any idea on what can be the reason? And can i use isotine eye drops in this condition?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      1. There can be several factors for continuous decreasing eyesight. The excessive eye strain can be a reason if you are working on computer on daily basis more than 4 hours.
      2. Isotine can prevent further vision loss and help you improving the eyesight. It will work in your condition as well.

      1. Khushi S says

        Thank you for your response. I have one more question to ask. Can you tell me whether the results of using the eye drops are permanent or there are any chances of the problems occurring again?

        1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

          Results of Isotine probably permanent, but you can use it as an eye tonic for a longer period and it also prevent recurrence.

  15. guru teja says

    Hi sir, I have 3.5 yrs old son and he has got the following eye report
    Sph. +0.5
    Cyl. 1.5
    Axis. 15
    Va. 6/6

    L. Eye:
    Sph. +0.5
    Cyl. 1.25
    Axis. 145
    VA 6/6

    IPD 53
    lens advise: resilens

    He was adviced to use spectacles by doctor. We came to know ISOTINE by ayurvedic shopowner. Do you suggest ISOTINE drops for him at this early age?

    How long should we use? and please let us know the dosage aswell…
    Would there be any side effects on using this for long term.?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      However, I suggest using isotine after age of 5, but in rare cases, we can also use it in children under age of 5. You can start using one drop twice a day. After a week or two, you can instill 2 drops three times a day. Some questions are answered here.

      1. Monisha says

        Sir, I’m suffering from glaucoma which I got affected due to my acoustic neuroma surgery, done last year. My left eye vision is very dim. I’m using Isotine drops for past 2 months, but no changes. Do I have to consume any tablets? If so, can you recommend me?

        1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

          In Glaucoma, you may not see results within 1 to 2 months of use. It requires a long term use at least for 6 months.
          You may get benefits using Isotine with following ayurvedic remedy for glaucoma.
          • Amla Powder = 100 grams
          • Triphala Powder = 100 grams
          • Saptamrit Lauh = 10 grams
          Mix the all ingredients. Take a half teaspoon twice a day after meal with water.

  16. Satya Prajapati says

    Sir, My son is (aged 4-1/2 years) myopic and having a number around -8 . Kindly guide whether Isotine Drops would be beneficial in my case. Regards

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, it would be effective.

  17. Deborah says

    Dear Doctor,
    I was recently diagnosed with low-pressure glaucoma. There is already a small change in my optic nerve, but my field of vision remains perfect. Glaucoma is strong in my history family and I am 43 years old. After eye exams, I was recommended by a doctor to use eye drops every day to maintain the eye pressure stable and probably this will be forever in order to stop optic nerve degeneration.

    Last week I made 5 Netrabasti sessions here in Brazil and I take capsules of Amla and flaxseed oil twice a day.

    I don´t want to be a eye drop slave for all my life, so I am Always looking for ayurvedic treatments , which I have deep respect, such as my personal connexion with India.

    The ISOTINE eye drops would be able to regenerate my optic nerve in my case and change my Family pattern. If so, how should I use it? How many times a day for how long? Should I continue with the capsules? After all, should I make the exams again?

    Deep gratitude ever since.
    Deborah Souza

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      1. ISOTINE contains BUTEA MONOSPERMA and BOERRHAVIA DIFFUSA, which work well to prevent denegation of Optic nerve. Other herbs in the ISOTINE help improving vision.

      2. I am not sure how would ISOTINE help in lowering intraocular pressure. The possible mechanism of ISOTINE is its work on KAPHA humor in the eyes due to presence of herbs and minerals like ACHYRANTHUS ASPERA, TAKANA BHASMA, ALUM, TUTH BHASMA and METHA PIPRETA. These herbs and minerals work on KAPHA humor, which is made of water and earth element.

      However, the exact cause of increased intraocular pressure is also unknown, but the possible cause is a buildup of excess aqueous humor, which flows in and out of the eyes. As per ayurvedic principles, this is an excess KAPHA in the eyes and VATA aggravation. ISOTINE may help reducing excess KAPHA and alleviate VATA vitiation.

      3. AMLA or TRIPHALA, White pepper, MISHRI and Almonds helps in all types of eye disorders, so you may take some of them. Almond and coconut remedy given in the following article also help in your case.

      4. The regeneration is not possible for damaged nerves, according to modern science, but we can prevent further damage to the nerves.

      5. Isotine requires 2 drops instillation thrice a day.

      6. If you are using them (amla and flaxseed capsules) as eye supplement, then you can continue with Isotine.

      7. Yes, you should make the eye test again at least after interval of 2 months.

  18. saurabh says

    Sir, I am having red green color deficiency. Can it be improved with Isotine?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      According to the company’s description, it may work in color blindness, but I am not sure for this. I have not seen any patient reported improvement in color blindness, but they reported improvement in their vision.

  19. asim sen says

    My father is 81 years had retinal detachment and cornea grafting has done in the eyes and after an OCT test the doctor us saying there has been retina swelling and Macular degeneration with vision loss and blur in both eyes.

    Will Isotine gold drops and isoneuron capsules help?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      In this case, Isotine can help preventing further vision loss and macular degeneration. It also reduces retinal swelling and blur. The regular use of isotine will also improve vision.

  20. Geeta says

    Sir my son is wearing glasses with nono -3.50 and +0.50 cylindrical axis 170degree and -3.00 and +0.50axis 180 degree in left eye. He is 7 yrs old and wearing glasses from 2 yrs still no is increasing. Plz suggest that these isotinee drop and capsules will removes his spectacle.

    Please reply

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Please read FAQs Section (Question: Can Isotine Remove Spectacle or Reduce Glasses Number?)

      1. Geeta says

        Sir please suggest as I told you about my son spec’s . we should go for isotinee gold or isotinee plus what is the difference between them?my son spec’s no is -3.50 and +0.50 with170degree axis in right eye and -3.00. And +0.50 with 180degree axis in left eye. I want to purchase the medicine today itself so plz reply urgently. I will be thankful to you

        1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

          Isotine plus comes without isoneuron capsules, but isotine gold comes with isoneuron capsules. Capsules are good for optic nerve, brain, memory and concentration. Isotine plus contains – 6 vials, isotine gold contains 4 vials of isotine plus and 60 capsules of isoneuron.

  21. Geeta says

    Sir please help me in one more thing it is written that if some irritation starts with use of this medicine then contact your physician . you knw allopathy doctor doesn’t believe in aurvedic medicine. Wat I will do in that situation. As per these doctor nothing remove specs…… His to use isotinee gold 2 drop in each eye daily or one drop in each eye. Plz reply urgently need it…. Thanks and regards for giving me reply

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      It is very rare event. Just need to stop the medicine. Irritation will disappear by itself.

      In case, it persists more than expected or a day, then you may require anti-histamine pills. In your home, Turmeric is good antihistamine. You may require mixture of 1/3 tsp. turmeric powder and a pinch of black pepper. Take this mixture with lukewarm milk.

      If irritation aggravates continuously, then you may require a strong anti-histamine remedy or pill.

  22. Ajeev says

    Hi dr I was recently diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. My vision is still good I can drive do everything but just started getting trouble with night vision. Will isotine help?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, I hope so. Isotine should help.

  23. Zubaida says

    My 6 years and 4 months old daughter recently diagnosed with cylindrical power -1.75 in right eye and -2 in left eye. During diagnosis, she was not able to read the letters on the testing board even after wearing the testing spectacles. Doctor told me that the power is high and it will take some time to get co ordination with the brain and the eyes after wearing spectacles. Then only she will be able to read distance letters. But we are not ready to make her wear spectacles. I started using Isotine plus drops for her for the past 10 days 1 drop in each eyes twice daily. She is a fussy eater and does not eat vegetables. Can she manage without spectacles? Are there any possibilities in reducing spec number?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Isotine has helped many people with similar problem, so result will be promising.

  24. Zubaida Beevi says

    Doctor Sir,

    Please prescribe the correct dosage for my daughter and tell how to use Isotine drops? The doctor where I bought the medicine told us to instill one drop in each eye and after 5 minutes to repeat the same (thrice a day).

    However, being a small child, she is not waiting for 5 minutes each time. Kindly advise.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      You should read Section: Direction for Use

  25. John Cunningham says

    Dear Doctor,
    I suffer from myopia, right eye -.25 diopters with 20/20 vision, but not quite crystal clear. Left eye -1.00 diopters with astigmatism 20/40 visual acuity, right eye masks the left eye putting added strain and redness with burning sensation when doing close work or watching programs. I do not wear glasses because my issue is minor. Do you feel Isotine eye drops will help and possibly correct my condition.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      I hope Isotine would work in such case. But as you said you have red eyes and burning sensation in eyes. I feel Ophthacare eye drops by Himalaya would be the better choice.

  26. Ajay says

    Dear Sir,

    My age is 32 years, my eyesight is so week, and I feel some tiredness in my eyes and head. Please suggest which course of Isotine is good for me. Can my eyes recover to normal with this?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      I hope Isotine Gold would be beneficial because it comes with capsules, which will reduce tiredness of eyes and head.

  27. John says

    Hello doctor,
    How long should each vial be used when following the full course treatment? Secondly, my son had laser surgery (PRK) many years ago and still suffers from dry eyes, would Isotine help in this case? He does not use any eye drops at all and I am concerned about complications down the road.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      1. Treatment duration with Isotine should be at least 3 months. However, it can also be used for a longer period even for a year. Generally, 2 drops twice daily is sufficient in cases that you have described.

      2. Isotine is mainly used for improving vision and works on the opacity of lens. According to ayurvedic prospective, dry eye occurs due to lack of KAPHA and increases VATA and PITTA. Isotine contains ingredients, which actually decreases KAPHA. Only one ingredient is present in plain Isotine that works in dry eyes i.e. Palash. Therefore, Isotine may not be helpful in dry eyes.

  28. joanna says

    Hello Dr.
    For years, I have suffered with Uveitis, Iritis and glaucoma. My pupils are so small and can’t open or dilate. Just today my 1st use of Isotine, after few drops every now and then I`m feeling changes in the eyes. The pupils are dilating my eyes are feeling, looking better and less pain. What is it that could be happening? This is a good miracle for me.

  29. John says

    Hello Doctor,
    After a visit to the eye doctor he discovered two separate problems in each eye. The left eye has a lens growing from the corner of the sclera to the inside of the iris (wedge shaped, 1/4″ wide near the tear duct and comes to a point just inside the iris, the tissue is not sensitive to touch). The right eye has a large lump on the sclera near the tear duct to just bordering the iris (common in my age group). He thinks this is due to sun exposure or blowing grit. He stated that since I have large pupils it could eventually cause vision issues that would require an operation. My question is would Isotine be helpful to stop the progression and perhaps slowly break down and finally get rid of the offending problems?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      According to ayurveda, such condition develops only due to excess KAPHA associated with VATA and PITTA. However, all three humors take parts in such condition, but it is most likely to be dominance of KAPHA element.

      In Isotine, most of ingredients work on dominance of the KAPHA humor and reduces KAPHA, so it will also stop abnormal growth.

      I hope Isotine would stop the progression, but I am not sure if it can 100% cure the condition. For preventive measure, you can use it and get benefits from it.

      1. John says

        Hello Doctor,
        I was given a follow up information from my eye doctor a few days ago that I am in the very early stages of cataract development and will require an operation in about two years. In your opinion will Isotine prevent this. Understandably, I am already upset with the previous findings and I have requested a re-examination since there have been changes in the last month.

        1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

          According to our experience and observation, Isotine is highly effective in early stages of cataract development. Isotine prevents cataract progression. In some cases, it also cures the cataract.

  30. John says

    Hello Doctor,
    This is a follow up to my prior posts. I have finished two vials of Isotine eye drops with excellent results, the burning sensation, eye strain, redness have gone. Colours are more vivid with vision improvement along with the aid of eye exercises. The abnormal growth of lens on the sclera has stopped and begun to shrink, even the lump in the other eye has flattened and become smaller making blinking much easier. I just want to thank you for your encouragement and advice, it has helped a great deal.

    With great respect,

  31. kanika gupta says

    Hello Sir,
    I have been suffering from vision disorder i am wearing specticles of -3.0 power for both of the eyes ,does isotine plus will help me

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Isotine Plus will help.

  32. Khursheed Hussain says

    Does Isotine Eye drop help in case of wet macular degeneration? What is your experience? Thanks

  33. Uche Godswill says

    Please I was buying isotine eye drops from you until I lost the contacts. I need to get it again because it’s really effective especially on immature cataracts. Thank you. Dr Godswill.

  34. Md moosa says

    Dr my far vision is weak and my spec’ts power is -2.50 in both eyes. If I use this drop can I freedom from glasses.

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine will help.

  35. Nitin says

    Can Isotine help in floaters? Is there any treatment for floaters?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      I am not sure for this.

  36. Teena says

    My question seems to have disappeared!!!! I asked whether isotine eye drops would help my father, 78 years, retinitis pigmentosa and color blindness with 15-20 percent vision. Please answer…..

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine will help in both conditions.

      1. Teena says

        Thank you. My father had cataract surgery in the right eye and a lens was inserted. Can he still use the eye drops for retinitis pigmentosa?

        1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

          Yes, it can be used 3 months after the cataract surgery.

  37. md moosa says

    Sir, I was using this drop since 1 month along with isoneuron capsules. But I am not seeing any difference. My problem is myopia and my specs power is -2.50 in both eyes. How much time will it take to give better result? Is there any eye exercise to cure immediately during this full course treatment? Please suggest me.

  38. EddieFab says

    Are these drops safe to use on Pets like dogs and cats?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      We don’t have much information for this, but based on its ingredients, it should be safe to use on pets.

  39. mohammed says

    Can it will be used in myopia and I have a macular corneal dystrophy? Can I use this to improve my vision myopia with blurting distant objects? Can I use Isotine for improving my vision?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine will help to improve vision and prevent further damage due to macular corneal dystrophy.

      1. mohammed zubair says

        Astigmmatism can be cured with this

  40. Vladimir Zhelyazkov says

    During the 6 months period using the Isotine eye drops should you not use contact lenses at all, or can you remove them before instilling the drops and put them back on after some time – for example 30 minutes. If it is OK to do so are 30 minutes enough?

  41. deepak dubey says

    Is it effective when I have lot of computer work in my office?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine is helpful to prevent and treat computer vision syndrome and keeps good eyesight.
      You should also read: Ophthacare Eye Drops (Himalaya)

  42. Seraj says

    Sir my right eye vision is 6/6 but my left eye vision is 6/12. How I improve my left eye vision from 6/12 to 6/6 or 6/9. Pls suggest me. And how much time it take to completely cure it. I never use any spec.

  43. Mahesh says

    Sir pets like rabbit can use this or not for cataracts

  44. Yogesh says

    Sir which isotine (simple, gold, plus) to improve the eye vision. Which most affect on eyes.

  45. Hemant Srivastava says

    Sir, My vision is 6/6 but excessive discharges are forming constantly in my eyes since past 10 years, I have gone through many eye treatments but none of them really helped me to provide me permanent cure, it’s still occuring in my eyes and creating a lot of problems, it is very irritating and I am fed up of this eye problem, what i do is, to take out the discharges from eyes I constantly use my hand which has adversely affected the whiteness of eye, it has became red over the period of time, many of the eye veins are clearly visible. Does Isotine eye drops will really help me out from this serious issue, should i purchase?

  46. VIJAY says

    Does isotine drops help my sclera to whiten from being yellow.No liver issues.If not please suggest some eye drops.

  47. Priyanka says

    I have gone through LASIK lazir treatment 6 years back and get rid of 6 number specs. But now again my eyesight is becoming weak. Can I use isotine? Will it give benefit to my eyes?

    1. Dr. Jagdev Singh says

      Yes, Isotine can help to improve eyesight.

  48. Shripad says

    Can isotine help in preventing repeating iritis or uveitis? Specially when HLA B27 is positive..

    1. Ayur Times says

      We are not sure for this. Please contact manufacturing company or consult eye specialist.

  49. sasikumar says

    Hello Doctor, I did Lasik eye surgery two years back for eye correction. Can I use Isotine plus eye drops to maintain my power and healthy eye?

    1. Ayur Times says

      Yes, Isotine can be used for this purpose.

  50. MAG Chowdry says

    Dear Doctor
    My daughter is suffering from Cornea opacity (Corneal decompensation). What eye drops she should use. Can she use Isotine drops to overcome this problem?

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